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Our Chairman’s 2018 New Year Message

Dear S-CORP Member: Well that was a roller coaster ride.  In just ten weeks, Congress went from being nowhere on tax reform to seeing a massive rewrite of the Tax Code enacted into law.  It was a remarkable accomplishment whose benefits are already... 

S-Corp Thanks its Champions

With tax reform passing the Congress in the next few hours, S-Corp sent a note of thanks to those members of the Senate – Johnson, Daines and Inhofe – who stood up for Main Street businesses at a most critical time.  As the letter states: Thank you... 

S-Corp Comments to Tax Reform Conferees

General:  Neither the House nor the Senate bills live up to the promise of the 25-percent pass-through rate proposed in the Framework.  The Senate bill doesn’t even have a pass-through rate.  Pass-through businesses employ the majority of workers... 

  • From Our Members

    S-Corp's strength is its ability to work with other business groups to support issues important to S corporations.  They really are a leader and resource for other business groups in DC.

    Vice President of Operations, Barker Company

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