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Our Chairman’s 2017 New Year Message

Dear S-CORP Member: Perhaps no election more than this one embraced the notion that the only constant is change.  What a difference a few electoral votes make! Under the widely-expected Clinton Administration, we were bracing to do battle on one major... 

S-CORP Testifies at IRS

Last month’s elections so dramatically changed the outlook for tax policy in 2017 that we’re still trying to catch up.  The outlook for the proposed 2704 regulations in particular has done an about-face, going from appearing almost inevitable to... 

The Short, Unhappy Life of the 2704 Valuation Rules

Do family businesses still need to worry about the 2704 valuation rules?   These rules have consumed the attention and resources of family businesses nationwide since they were first proposed back in August. While we have been assured there is no plan... 

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    There may be millions of S corporations, but the typical legislator doesn't understand them. The S Corporation Association gives small businesses--an under-appreciated economic powerhouse--a much-needed voice in Washington.

    President, The Jeffrey Company

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