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Main Street Gets Squeezed

June 24, 2022|

If the Senate needs more reasons to drop the toxic Build Back Better Act, here’s a good one – job creation on Main Street has been negative over the past four months.  A recent piece in the Wall Street Journal detailed the struggles small employers face in the current job market:

Head counts at companies with fewer than 50 employees declined in three of the past four months, according to ADP payroll data, even as

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Stop Main Street Tax Hikes

June 23, 2022|

With Congress set to depart DC for the next two weeks, there’s been a notable increase in chatter regarding the status of BBB negotiations:

  • On Friday, Politico reported that Schumer and Manchin met twice last week.  They’ve only met six times this whole Spring, so that suggests the pace of discussions is ramping up.
  • Monday, Bloomberg published an article suggesting that talks were making progress, including a specific agreement on EV tax credits.

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Congress Needs Its Anti-Recession Tools

June 10, 2022|

With the odds of a recession rising, a common tool used to counter past slowdowns may no longer be available.  That’s bad news for private businesses and the workers they employ.  Congressional tax-writers need to start thinking about this issue now, while there’s still time to address it.

The tool in question is allowing businesses suffering losses to carry those losses back to previous years, reducing their tax liability in those years, and receiving refunds

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Talking Taxes in a Truck Episode 21: “BBB Resurrection, or Not”

June 8, 2022|

Our podcast guest is Liam Donovan, a Principal at Bracewell LLP and certified “bluecheck” commentator (@LPDonovan) on national politics. Liam and Brian discuss the latest K Street rumors of a resurrected Build Back Better Act, how the Twitter-sphere helped debunk the “plan” and why, despite all this, it’s still too early to declare the effort dead. Liam also shares his thoughts this week’s primaries and lays down his predictions for the House and Senate

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The $10 Billion Tax Cut No One’s Talking About

May 31, 2022|

The Wall Street Journal’s Richard Rubin is out with a new piece that looks at our ongoing SALT Parity efforts, and the massive savings they’ve unlocked for hundreds of thousands of family businesses across the country.

Before getting to the good news, a quick primer for those new to the issue. The state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap imposed by the Tax Cuts and Jobs

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Talking Taxes in a Truck Episode 20: “Bully Tactics”

May 26, 2022|

Back by popular demand is guest Joe Lieber, Director of Research at policy research firm Washington Analysis. Joe dives into the implications of the recent primary elections and highlights which House and Senate races he’s watching most closely. Then Joe and Brian debate just how dead the Build Back Better Act is and Joe lays out a compelling – and terrifying – case for why it still could pass in the coming months. We wrap

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Webinar Recap: Inflation, Taxes, and Family Businesses – What do Voters Really Think?

May 20, 2022|

Yesterday, S-CORP hosted a webinar to highlight the results of our new national survey. David Winston, whose research and polling firm conducted the survey, was on hand to break down the results and explain how voters feel about inflation, the Build Back Better Act, the current state of the economy, and their potential impact on November’s elections.

As David made clear, the polling shows that Americans are well aware of the impact additional federal spending

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Webinar: Inflation, Taxes, and Family Businesses – What do Voters Really Think?

May 19, 2022|

Please join us this Thursday, May 19th at 4pm (ET) for a webinar highlighting the results of our new national survey.
David Winston, whose research and polling firm The Winston Group conducted the survey, will explain how voters feel about inflation, various tax proposals under consideration, the current state of the economy, and how it all impacts family businesses.
S Corporation Association President Brian Reardon will host the

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