Are you a fan of the Progressive Insurance commercials making fun of mismanaged Zoom calls? Then you’ll love the blank Zoom screen for the first 10 minutes of our most recent S-Corp Member call covering the 2020 election results and what they mean for private companies.  You can access the full video here.  You can access the slide deck here.

We’re biased, obviously, but we think it’s well worth watching, particularly the portion focused on what companies can expect moving forward, as well as the BIG news (covered at the beginning of the video) that the IRS just blessed our SALT Parity efforts. It’s time for states to get busy and cut federal taxes for their employers.

The S Corporation Association Member Call took place on Tuesday, November 10, at 4pm ET and reviewed the election results and their import for individually and family-owned businesses.  S Corporation Association President Brian Reardon was joined by Joe Lieber, Director of Research and Senior Political Analyst at Washington Analysis, a research firm here in Washington, DC.  Topics we cover include a summary of the election results (at 10:40) , the upcoming Lame Duck legislative session, (at 22:30) and what private businesses can expect in 2021 and beyond (28:00).  The video runs for 49 minutes.