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S-Corp Submits Valuation Comments

Yesterday, the S Corporation Association submitted its formal comments to the IRS on the pending Section 2704 valuation rules.  You can read all 15 pages of comments here, but the basic message of the submission was that Treasury should discard this effort and start over.  As the comments conclude:

Promulgation of the Proposed Regulations in their current form and scope will generate significant uncertainty and constitute a significant impediment for the continuity of family-controlled businesses.  The Proposed Regulations inappropriately and illegally discriminate against family controlled businesses in form and effect.  If Treasury is inclined to promulgate regulations to address perceived

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Response to Valuation Rules Continues

The Main Street Employers coalition sent a letter to congressional tax writers yesterday opposing the proposed rules on estate valuations and calling on Congress to weigh in with Treasury on the issue.  From Politico:

The business community is escalating its efforts to beat back new Treasury regulations on the estate tax, which have somewhat fallen under the radar due to all the attention given to the Section 385 earnings stripping rules. A coalition called Parity for Main Street Employers sent leading congressional tax writers a letter asking Congress to urge Treasury to pull back rules that would make it harder

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Business Community Responds to Valuation Rules

Business Valuation Wire reports there has been a sharp spike in the number of families asking valuation professionals to analyze what the newly proposed rules out of Treasury mean to their business succession plans:

Valuation practitioners tell BVWire they are already seeing an increase in valuation engagements triggered by the proposed Section 2704 regulations. And they expect this to gain steam as the regs continue to sink in with attorneys, wealth planners, and clients.

This should not come as a surprise.  The proposed rules target family businesses for higher estate and gift taxes, simply for being family-owned businesses.  They accomplish this

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Treasury’s Proposed Minority Discount Rules Finally Released

The regulatory assault continues – this time in the form of newly proposed rules out of Treasury to increase valuations – and taxes – on family businesses when they are transferred as part of an estate.

These are the long-awaited rules Treasury officials foreshadowed as far back as the Spring of 2015, and they appear to be consistent with the Obama budget proposal offered back in 2012 that was estimated to raise $18 billion over ten years!

While the rules were just released yesterday, their impact on family partnerships and estate plans is already the hot topic of debate with

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Brady Elected Chairman of Ways and Means

On Wednesday, the Republican Steering Committee tapped Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) to succeed Speaker Ryan as the committee’s chairman. Both he and his challenger, Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH), are strong allies of S corporations and pass-through businesses, so we excited to see him take on the gavel.

What does Brady’s ascension mean for tax policy?  The Wall Street Journal has an interview with the new Chairman this morning, where Brady makes clear he wants to move a robust tax extender package (yea!) this fall then spend next year pushing the “step one, step two” plan for tax reform outlined by

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