Earlier this week, S-Corp President Brian Reardon hosted a webinar for its membership to highlight the threat President Biden’s American Families Plan poses to individually and family-owned businesses.

The presentation focused on the “Triple Threat” pass-throughs face from the plan — it would raise taxes on their operations, their sale, and when they are passed on to the next generation.  This combination of tax hikes threatens their very ability to exist.

The webinar also addressed the faulty assumptions underpinning the Biden tax plan, including the fictions that the tax code has become less progressive (it hasn’t), and that Americans support high tax rates (they don’t), and that we’ve survived very high tax rates in the past (we didn’t).

For those who weren’t able to join us live, a recording of the webinar is available hereAnd if you’d like a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used, click here to download it.