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What’s On Deck for the Rest of 2015

Speaker Boehner had a three step plan at the beginning of October: 1) Resign at the end of the month; 2) Clear the legislative decks of controversial and difficult items; 3) Turn the gavel over to a new Speaker to begin their tenure with a clean slate.

Looking back, he pretty much pulled it off.  Sure, the Speakership went to Paul Ryan, not Kevin McCarthy, and not all the tough legislative items cleared Congress, but the simple fact is that Speaker Ryan begins his term with a much more manageable set of issues than the laundry list of must pass items

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Tiberi Introduces Bonus Depreciation Bill

This week Ways and Means Member Pat Tiberi (R-OH), one of our more vocal S-Corp champions, introduced legislation (H.R. 4196) to extend 100 percent bonus depreciation through the rest of this year. Bonus depreciation allows businesses of all sizes to immediately expense the cost of property purchased and placed into service. S-Corp Advisor Tom Nichols spoke of the advantages of expensing in his testimony before the Ways and Means hearing last week.

“Probably the most important of these proposals for most closely-held businesses would be the possibility of extending and/or expanding the option of expensing investments in capital equipment under,

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