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Another Tax Gap Hearing, Another Standoff

In case you didn’t already catch the Senate Finance Committee hearing featuring Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson yesterday, here’s a quick summary.

The hearing itself was pretty entertaining and highlighted the on-going stand-off between Paulson and Finance Chairman Baucus. Baucus set a timetable for results saying that he wants a 90% voluntary compliance rate by the year 2017 – placing the responsibility on the Treasury to come up with this plan and deliver it in 90 days – July 18th – to the Committee. Paulson responded that he would be more than happy to come

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Small Business Tax Package Passes Senate for Second Time

It’s getting so you can’t tell the tax bills without a program. The Small Business Tax package that includes the S Corporation Reform tax title has been adopted by the Senate for the second time, this time as a Baucus/Grassley amendment to the Iraqi War supplemental.

An earlier version of this package was adopted as part of the effort to raise the minimum wage. Differences between the House and the Senate stalled that bill, and the House attached its version to the supplemental as a means of breaking the stalemate. What happens now is

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Senators Gordon Smith and Blanche Lincoln Introduce the BOOST Act!

Congress is back in session, and we’ve got good news! Senators Smith and Lincoln yesterday introduced S. 3857, the “Bringing Opportunities to Our Small-Business Taxpayers (BOOST)” Act. This legislation is designed to help all closely held businesses continue to grow and thrive. For our S-CORP members, the BOOST Act contains an entire section devoted to S-CORP priorities, including provisions to make it easier businesses to convert to S corporation status and provisions to increase S-CORP access to capital by reducing ownership restrictions on S corporations.

Combined with previous bills introduced by Congressman Clay Shaw (H.R. 4421), Congressman Jim Ramstad (H.R. 2239),

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