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Congress to Consider Lame Duck Session Stimulus

What time is it when the market is down, unemployment is up, personal consumption is falling and manufacturing activity is contracting? Time for another economic stimulus package.

Last week, the Ways and Means Committee confirmed it will hold a hearing on the economic stimulus package on October 29th. The specifics have yet to be worked out and several House and Senate Committees are expected to have a hand in crafting the bill. Politico lists the most likely contenders:

It could include a permanent tax cut for lower- and middle-income families, in

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AMT Legislative Forecast

While Congress is considering numerous changes to the Tax Code, the 800 pound gorilla in tax policy these days is the projected growth of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and what exactly Congress plans to do about it. A couple of news items this week do an excellent job of setting the table for what might happen.

According to the New York Times,

      Between now and the end of May, House Democratic leaders hope to draft a permanent overhaul of the tax that would effectively exclude anyone who earns less

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