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Cliff Notes

House leadership has made clear they will take up legislation to extend the current tax rates and other policies through 2013, combined with expedited procedures for tax reform to be enacted in 2013.

This one-two punch is designed to address two challenges facing policymakers today. The first is the tax component of the “fiscal cliff” we face at the end of the year. The pending expiration of the lower rates on wages, business income, and investment income is having a tangible, negative impact on investment and job creation right now and, left unchecked, threatens to push the economy back into recession.

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Senate Defeats S-Corp Tax Hike

Good news for job creators! The Senate just voted against moving forward on legislation that would increase taxes on S corporations by $9 billion. The legislation was opposed by a broad coalition of business groups, led by the S Corporation Association, including the US Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business. A motion to close debate and proceed to the bill was defeated on a party-line vote — 52-45. (Sixty votes are required to end debate in the Senate.)

This is the second time in two years the business community has successfully blocked legislation to increase payroll taxes

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S Corporations and Payroll Taxes, Again

The release of Newt Gingrich’s tax return has returned the issue of payroll taxes and S corporations to the public’s attention. This issue first came to prominence during the 2004 election cycle, when Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards was accused of using an S corporation to avoid paying Medicare taxes on some of his income as a lawyer.

Now it appears Newt Gingrich may be using a similar structure. USA Today has an excellent report on the issue. Here are a couple excerpts:

Gingrich’s tax return shows his S Corporation, Gingrich Holdings, accounted for the bulk of his $3,142,066 adjusted gross

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2-Year Extension Set to Pass

Here’s an early Christmas present — the Senate voted this afternoon 81-19 to move forward on the tax deal cut between President Obama and congressional Republicans. We expect the package to pass intact early tomorrow.

For S corporations, the package means the top tax rate on S corporations remains at 35 percent and rates on capital gains and dividends remain at 15 percent for the next two years. On the estate tax front, the plan calls for a top rate of 35 percent and an exemption of $5 million per spouse.

Democratic opposition in the House is coalescing around the estate tax

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Lame Duck and Tax Policies

Congress is set to return for its lame duck session the week after next. With Thanksgiving in the middle and Christmas at the end, Congress has maybe three weeks to fund the government and figure out what to do with tax policy.

Before the election, we believed two outcomes were possible on extending the tax rates: either Congress adopts a one-year extension of everything (with some middle ground for the estate tax), or Congress does nothing and the new Republican House takes the issue up first thing in January.

The President’s original preference of extending only the middle-class tax relief does not

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