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New Year – New Challenges

Happy New Year! As we’re preparing for the new Congress and the new challenges it brings, we would like to once again thank you for your continued support of the S Corporation Association and to emphasize the important work we do in defense of the S-Corp community.

Perhaps the best that can be said about 2010 is that it showed consistent improvement. The year started with a horrible economy and policy clouds on the horizon. And though some of those policies were enacted – the new 3.8 percent tax on S corporation income, for example – many were defeated and the

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Senate Passes Built-In Gains Relief

After months of maneuvering, the Senate today adopted H.R. 5297, the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act.B This legislation includes a number of business-friendly provisions, including the built-in gains tax relief so important to the S Corporation Community.B This is a big (excuse the pun) victory for S corps everywhere!

The bill now moves back to the House, where it could take two paths.B On the first path, the House takes up the Senate version, passes it intact, and sends it to the President for his signature.B The second path would include House amendments and more floor

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Volcker Report Released. On a Friday. In August.

The headline says it all. The long-awaited Volcker Tax Reform Commission report was released last Friday and was immediately put on a shelf someplace in the basement of the Ways and Means Committee. According to the Commission members:

The Board was asked to consider various options for achieving these goals but was asked to exclude options that would raise taxes for families with incomes less than $250,000 a year. We interpreted this mandate not to mean that every option we considered must avoid a tax increase on such families, but rather that the options taken together should be revenue neutral

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Latest On Extenders and the Payroll Tax

So the Senate just adopted a stand-alone, six month Doc Fix. Adoption of this provision sends a couple signals for the broader extender package.

This action follows on last night’s failed 56-40 cloture vote on Baucus II. While this vote represented a significant improvement over the 45 votes in support of Baucus I, it still signaled to the Senate (and House for that matter) that the extenders plus package was not going to be completed this week. Hence the need for the stand-alone Doc Fix. Moreover, the adoption of this very large — and ultimately offset — spending item suggests that

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State Update and IRS Issues S Corp Rules

As S-CORP members will recall, S-CORP has been monitoring a number of states considering tax bills that will adversely affect S corporations. We were fortunate to lay the groundwork in Pennsylvania in working with others to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.
S corporations fared better in Pennsvylania when, following the recommendation for a new entity-level tax in that state, S-CORP and others lobbied to reject proposed tax hikes on S corporations. Following active communications with the Rendell office, S-CORP scored a major victory when Rendell announced in February 2005 that his budget proposal would not embrace new taxes on S corporations. Rendell

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