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109th Congress Concludes Business

Out with the Old Challenges

Last week the House and Senate wrapped up the 109th Congress by approving a “continuing resolution” to fund the federal government through February 15th. Doing so leaves major 2007 spending decisions to the new Democratic-controlled Congress when they convene in January.

The House and Senate also approved a $45 million tax bill that extends for two years popular to tax benefits, such as the Research and Development and Work Opportunity Tax Credits, many of which expired at the end of last year. This comprehensive package also included an energy tax title that extended, again for two years,

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New Congressional Budget Doesn’t Protect Tax Relief

There are two ways to pass a tax bill in the Senate: bring it up under the regular floor rules and gain the support of 60 Senators, or bring it up under the “budget reconciliation” process and attain the support of a simple majority. The budget offered by Senate Budget Chair Judd Gregg last week assumes $227 billion in lower taxes over the next five years, but doesn’t protect that tax relief under reconciliation.

What does that mean for S-CORP members?

It means that any tax bill brought to the Senate floor that conforms to the budget resolution would still

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