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Congressional Overview

We are nearing the finish line for the 110th Congress with more on the table than when we started nearly two years ago.

None of the 12 bills to fund the government have been adopted. Tax provisions that expired at the end of 2007 remain to be extended. And the collapse of the subprime mortgage market that began a year ago with the failure of several hedge funds has grown into a full fledged credit crisis that, according to the Administration, threatens to harm the entire economy.

It appears Congress will stay in through next week and will have to address the

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Tax Policy and Small Business

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reviewed the most recent comments by Senator Barack Obama regarding his plans for tax policy.

As we noted in the past, the bias is for higher tax rates beginning sometime in the next Congress. This bias stems from the make-up of Congress and the scheduled expiration of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts and exists regardless of who becomes President.

That said, the S corporation community should pay particular attention to some of the proposals put forward by the Obama campaign - specifically, his plan to raise marginal tax rates

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More Details, Little Clarity on the Tax Front

Just to keep everybody up to speed, there are a couple recent tax items of note.

First, CongressDaily reports the House may take up yet another extender package prior to the Memorial Day recess. This package reportedly includes energy provisions as well as the expired extenders like R&E and the state and local sales tax deduction. An extension of the Alternative Minimum Tax “patch” does not appear to be under consideration.

Regarding the central issue of whether the revenue impact of the package will be offset by accompanying tax increases, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer

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Finance Reports Out Small Business Tax Relief

In a bit of potential good news for small businesses, the Senate Finance Committee today adopted by voice vote an $8 billion package of small business tax incentives to accompany a planned increase in the minimum wage. Included in the package is a one year extension of the current Section 179 small business expensing limits, an extension of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit through 2012, and an extension of the shorter, 15-year depreciation lives for certain owner-occupied buildings. For S Corps, the package includes an entire title of big and small

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Real quick, here’s what we’re hearing on the prospects of tax legislation moving when Congress returns next week:

Congressmen Hastert, Boehner, and Thomas are gathering today to decide what the House tax bill should look like. As we’ve previously reported, the best guess is a narrow bill that extends for a couple years expiring tax provisions like the R&D tax credit, together with some non-controversial trade proposals. Targeted provisions outside the usual extenders may get included, but that’s not clear right now.

On the Senate side, the limiting factor appears to be whatever can get adopted by voice vote. With the Senate

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