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Courts Overvalue S Corps

For over 15 years, the IRS has discriminated against S Corporations when it comes to estate taxes and other matters where business valuation plays a role and, for 15 years, S Corp has been fighting them on it.

Our S-Corp advisor Nancy Fannon has written extensively on the subject. In 2007, we told you about her book, The Comprehensive Guide to S Corporation Valuation, which did a great job of laying out the entire issue.

Now, Nancy has followed up with Taxes and Value: The Ongoing Research and Analysis Relating to the S Corporation Valuation Puzzle. You can purchase the book

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Using Pass-Throughs to Pay for Corporate Reform

Tax Notes has an article that pours more gasoline on the fire started by Bloomberg and the Geithner-led Treasury Department last weeks.

The piece, written by Martin Sullivan, argues that pass-through treatment of some firms “erodes” the corporate tax base and concludes:

In the meantime, corporate tax reformers are left in the awkward position of trying to improve a fundamentally unsound tax. If we broaden the corporate tax base by trimming tax incentives (for example, accelerated depreciation), should those same tax incentives be trimmed for passthrough entities? Many would like to keep tax reform confined to the corporate sector. But politics

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Estate Tax & PAYGO


The House is scheduled to take up a Paygo bill — short for b”pay-as-you-go” — this week that makes room for an estate tax fix. Paygo was established back in 1990 as a means of controlling the Federal deficit. Under Paygo, any increase in the deficit, either by a reduction in revenues or an increase in mandatory spending, must either be fully offset or it will be added to the Paygo scorecard and possibly trigger an across-the-board spending cut (called sequestration) at the end of the fiscal year.


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Congressional Budget Takes Form

Lots of budget related news in recent days with implications for small business taxpayers. First, the Congressional Budget Office weighed in last week with its analysis of the Obama budget outline and estimated that the Administration’s proposals, if enacted intact, would double the overall deficit over the next ten years.mThe numbers are truly staggering and should scare any reasonable person who plans to be a taxpayer over the next several decades. Starting with a deficit of around $1.8 trillion this year —

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Estate Tax Fix Poses Threat for Family Businesses

As we have noted, the stars appear to have aligned for a big estate tax compromise later this year, most likely to be focused on freezing the 2009 rules for at least a year. This means the current top tax rate of 45 percent and $3.5 million exclusion will stay the same for a while. But there’s lots of mischief that can take place under those broad levels.

As tax reformers will tell you, the base is just as important in determining your tax burden as the rates.

With that in mind, several S-Corp allies have pointed out legislation introduced by Congressman

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