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Pass-throughs are b�Silent Majorityb� in Tax Reform Debate

As Washington adjusts its focus towards the new Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction, many observers expect the same sort of partisan ideological gridlock that has seized much of the process to this point, but there are those that see a realistic path to a successful compromise by the “super” committee, and they see this scenario reached through some sort of revenue-neutral reform of the tax code. The top tax writers in Congress intend to move forward the tax reform debate this year, through the deficit reduction effort or separately, and have already begun calling corporate CEOs to the table to

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Tax Policy and the “Joint Committee”

Does the debt deal include tax policies? Step One of the plan includes $917 billion in spending cuts only. But Step Two calls on a special “Joint Committee” to develop an additional package of deficit reduction that could include revenue provisions. Here are the details.

Under the plan, the new Joint Committee would be made up of six members each from the House and Senate, evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. This Joint Committee would be asked to develop a package of deficit reductions equal to $1.2 trillion or more, and to report that package out by November 23rd. It would

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