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What’s Next?

The Super Committee announced today that it will not produce any recommendations for Congress to act on next month. The markets are reacting badly, which surprises us. They should have seen this coming. Maybe they were hoping for some sort of signal that Congress can function and is prepared to deal with our ongoing fiscal crisis, but every signal we received for the past two months suggested the Committee was going to fall short.

Now that they have missed the mark, the question becomes, “What’s next?”

For the remainder of 2011, Congress needs to act on the tax provisions set to expire

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Super Committee — Running Out of Airspeed and Ideas

Just like an old pilot, the Super Committee appears to be running out of options in its race to find $1.2 trillion in savings. With one week left before the November 23rd deadline, time is short and the sides are far apart. There has been a measurable increase in activity and it’s obvious the Committee members are trying to cobble together something, but can they bridge the gap?

The lack of time for the Committee to act would suggest no.

The deadline for them to favorably vote on a proposal is November 23rd, but the real deadline is much sooner. Why? The

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More Talk on Corporate-Only Reform

Congressional Quarterly has a really good article on the state of tax reform discussions on the Hill, and the Super Committee in particular. Here’s a few of the key paragraphs:

Advocates of a corporate overhaul argue that a lower corporate tax rate would help spur economic growth by improving the competitive position of the United States, which now has the second-highest corporate tax rate in the world, much to the chagrin of lawmakers in both parties. Moreover, with the unemployment rate hovering above 9 percent, lawmakers are eager to have the deficit panel take steps to boost the sluggish economy,

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Business Groups Endorse Comprehensive Tax Reform

As the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction considers tax reform options, a large and diverse group of business associations has written to the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees making clear that any effort to reform the tax code must be comprehensive and it must recognize the critical contribution pass-through businesses make to investment and job creation in the United States.

Released on Wednesday, October 12th and signed by 44 business associations, including the National Federation of Independent Business, the National Association of Wholesale Distributors, the Associated General Contractors, the American Council of Engineering Companies, the Independent Community

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Super Committee, Tax Reform, and Tax Provisions

Congress returned this week with most people focused on the Super Committee and its prospects for producing a deficit reduction plan by the end of the year.

To recap, the Budget Control Act created a Super Committee of twelve members charged with coming up with at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction by the end of the year. How they devise these savings is up to them, but if they fail, we will see $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts equally divided between defense and domestic spending starting in 2013 and spread out over nine years.

For tax wonks, the big question

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