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S Corps Exempted from 385 Rules

Here’s a bit of good news for the S corporation community – Treasury has exempted them from the newly published rules under Section 385.

This is a huge relief to the S corporation community.  The rules would have hit S corporations the hardest, despite them having no skin in the “base erosion” game.  S corporations would have suffered through the new reporting requirements and limitations on cash pooling and related party loans just like their C corporation counterparts, but they also would have faced the prospect of losing their S corporation status, together with the multitude of tax and penalty

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Latest on 385

It looks like the IRS and Treasury have made their revisions to the proposed 385 regulations and are just waiting for sign-off from the White House.  According to our friends at Politico:

Tax lawyers just held a big confab in Boston, and, not surprisingly, it was rife with speculation about just what the Treasury Department’s final Section 385 rules might contain. Tax Analysts sifted through some of the unanswered questions and predictions now that Treasury has sent final rules to the White House, including whether the department would only finalize part of the extensive anti-inversion rules it rolled out

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S-Corp Mod Bills Introduced! 

Good news on a hot day in July!  The 2016 version of the “S Corporation Modernization Act” has been introduced the House and the Senate.  Led by Senators Thune (R-SD) and Cardin (D-MD) and Representatives Reichert (R-WA) and Kind (D-WI), the bill includes a half-dozen provisions designed to improve the rules that govern S corporations.

  • You can see the entire bill here
  • You can see the section-by-section analysis here
  • You can see the S-Corp press release here

Yesterday’s introduction of companion bills is the first time in a while that the S corporation community has had this important

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S-Corp Submits 385 Comments

The debate over Section 385 continues.  The comment period ends today, and we sent in our comment letter along with the rest of the business community.

As we noted in our submission, the 385 regulations were advertised as a response to base erosion practices, but the rule itself is not limited to international transactions.  Nor is it limited to businesses of a certain size.  Instead, it targets the related party debt of domestic businesses of all sizes.   As our comments state:

Since their release, the broader business community has raised numerous concerns regarding scope of the Proposed Regulations, including the statutory authority

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House Tax Blueprint

You have to feel for the House tax writers.  They spent months putting together a plan to reform the tax code and now all anybody wants to talk about is Brexit and Section 385.  That’s too bad, because the plan outline released last week is pretty good.

You can read the whole outline here, plus there’s been lots of discussion among the tax experts on how it would help to simplify tax collections while encouraging more business investment and job creation:

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