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Private Enterprise and Jobs

A recent Washington Times article by Mike Whalen, chief executive of Heart of America Restaurants and Inns, should give policymakers pause as they worry about weak job growth while simultaneously piling one tax on top of another onto job-creating companies. Using 2008 numbers, Whalen runs through all the taxes a single 100-room limited service hotel located in Iowa pays:

For starters, we pay property taxes to the tune of about $199,000 annually. Next, there is a 7 percent “pillow tax” that generates about $162,000 annually. Then we pay a 6 percent sales tax on revenue

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Value-Added Tax Coming to America?

Two weeks ago, the Senate Finance Committee released its summary of options to pay for health care reform. As expected, the list was long and could be divided up any number of ways. One item missing from the list, however, is a source of revenue folks are talking about for health care reform and other spending priorities too — a value added tax (VAT).

The Finance Committee summary followed the release of papers on improving health care delivery and expanding coverage. The key to all three papers is that, while they give the reader a sense of where the Committee is

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More Details, Little Clarity on the Tax Front

Just to keep everybody up to speed, there are a couple recent tax items of note.

First, CongressDaily reports the House may take up yet another extender package prior to the Memorial Day recess. This package reportedly includes energy provisions as well as the expired extenders like R&E and the state and local sales tax deduction. An extension of the Alternative Minimum Tax “patch” does not appear to be under consideration.

Regarding the central issue of whether the revenue impact of the package will be offset by accompanying tax increases, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer

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