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Treasury to Propose Corporate Tax Reform Plan

Appearing before a subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee to discuss FY 2012 Treasury Department funding, Secretary Geithner said the Administration is ready to get the ball rolling on corporate tax reform, telling Senators, “I’m actually quite optimistic we’re going to be able to start that process with a very strong pro-investment, pro-growth, pro-competitiveness proposal.” Below is the video of his testimony (Discussion of tax reform can be found at 25:28).


There were few specifics on when, or in what form the proposal would take, but the

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The “Ideal” Way to Tax Businesses

The story on tax reform continues to progress. Last week, the Senate Finance Committee held another in its series of hearings on the various aspects of reform. This hearing, entitled “How do Complexity, Uncertainty, and Other Factors Impact Responses to Tax Incentives?” brought forth witnesses Dr. Robert Carroll, Dr. Eric Toder, and Dr. Raj Chetty.

The internet feed of the hearing was playing in the background on our computers last Wednesday when this exchange took place:

Senator Snowe: Dr. Carrol, could you give us some comments on [the corporate-only approach to tax reform because that is a problem, requiring flow-throughs to

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