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Ways & Means Releases Tax Reform Outline — Part I

The Ways and Means Committee Republicans released their long-awaited draft on international tax reform today. According to the Committee, today’s release is part of a series of reforms to be outlined by the Committee in coming months, the whole of which would make up a comprehensive rewrite of the tax code.

Good news there. As our Washington Wire readers know, we’ve been making the case since last January that any reform effort needs to be comprehensive.

According to the Committee: “Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) unveiled an international tax reform discussion draft as part of the Committee’s broader

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Administration to Propose Taxing More Employers as C-Corporations

More chatter about the pending tax reform proposal being drafted by the Obama Treasury Department and its plan to force more pass-through businesses to pay taxes as C corporations. Reuters reported earlier this week:

The Obama administration is considering a plan to force more businesses to pay the corporate income tax, an industry group said, in an overhaul package that could be unveiled as early as this month. Under the proposal, entities with more than $50 million in gross receipts would pay the corporate income tax, instead of the individual income tax they now pay. Partnerships like law firms

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