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Private Enterprise and Jobs

A recent Washington Times article by Mike Whalen, chief executive of Heart of America Restaurants and Inns, should give policymakers pause as they worry about weak job growth while simultaneously piling one tax on top of another onto job-creating companies. Using 2008 numbers, Whalen runs through all the taxes a single 100-room limited service hotel located in Iowa pays:

For starters, we pay property taxes to the tune of about $199,000 annually. Next, there is a 7 percent “pillow tax” that generates about $162,000 annually. Then we pay a 6 percent sales tax on revenue

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State Update and IRS Issues S Corp Rules

As S-CORP members will recall, S-CORP has been monitoring a number of states considering tax bills that will adversely affect S corporations. We were fortunate to lay the groundwork in Pennsylvania in working with others to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.
S corporations fared better in Pennsvylania when, following the recommendation for a new entity-level tax in that state, S-CORP and others lobbied to reject proposed tax hikes on S corporations. Following active communications with the Rendell office, S-CORP scored a major victory when Rendell announced in February 2005 that his budget proposal would not embrace new taxes on S corporations. Rendell

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