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Business Groups United Against Payroll Tax Hike

In advance of next week’s vote to raise taxes on S corporations by $9 billion, a group of 38 business associations wrote Senate leadership strongly opposing the provision. Signed by S-Corp, the US Chamber, NFI and other leading groups, the letter details the numerous flaws in the provision. As reported in The Hill:

A coalition of business groups is pushing back against a Democratic proposal to pay for lower student loan rates with tax revenue. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, along with roughly three dozen other groups, said ‘the plan could increase the payroll tax burden on business owners

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S-Corp Payroll Taxes on the Table (Again)

The S-Corp payroll tax issue is back in play. According to the Associated Press and others, Senate Democrats are planning to raise taxes on S corporation shareholders by $6 billion to offset the cost of extending low interest rates for student loans. According the AP:

Democrats are considering trying to make it harder for owners of so-called S corporations to avoid paying Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes on some of their earnings, said a Senate Democratic aide speaking on condition of anonymity to reveal an emerging party strategy.

Though decisions have not been finalized, the proposal would affect such companies with

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Chairman Submits Comments to Tax Writers

S-CORP Chairman Tom McMahon today submitted comments (click here for full text) to the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees opposing a proposed tax increase on small and closely-held exporters. Chairman McMahon observes in his comments:

“I would like to raise serious concerns regarding Section 7 of the Act which, if enacted, would significantly increase taxes on small and closely-held U.S. manufacturing exporters.”

As you’ll recall, the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees introduced companion “tax technical corrections” bills (H.R. 6264 & S. 4026) just before breaking for the elections, requesting that interested

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New Congressional Budget Doesn’t Protect Tax Relief

There are two ways to pass a tax bill in the Senate: bring it up under the regular floor rules and gain the support of 60 Senators, or bring it up under the “budget reconciliation” process and attain the support of a simple majority. The budget offered by Senate Budget Chair Judd Gregg last week assumes $227 billion in lower taxes over the next five years, but doesn’t protect that tax relief under reconciliation.

What does that mean for S-CORP members?

It means that any tax bill brought to the Senate floor that conforms to the budget resolution would still

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Congressional Efforts to Close Tax Gap Means S Corp Payroll Tax Increase Is Still A Threat

Today the Senate Budget Committee held a hearing on “the causes of and solutions for addressing the federal tax gap.” Witnesses included IRS Commissioner Mark Everson, Government Accountability Office Comptroller General David Walker, and Nina Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate. The tax gap is the difference between what taxpayers owe and what they pay (or at least, what they pay on a timely basis).

This hearing stems from the release of the President’s FY07 budget (which makes funding recommendations for the IRS and includes other proposals to improve disclosure and tax administration) and the IRS’ announcement yesterday that the 2001 tax gap

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