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Entitlement Death Spiral

February 5, 2014

Yesterday’s CBO report has started a firestorm here in DC, with most of it focused on the portion that says Obamacare will result in 2 million fewer workers by the year 2017.  That’s certainly an eye-opening number, and it adds to the long list of reasons why the health reform effort is deeply unpopular.

The White House was quick to respond by pointing out that those 2 million lost jobs are the result of workers voluntarily leaving the workforce – rather than employers cutting jobs — but we’re not sure that makes much difference.  Either way, the

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Budget & Tax Policy Outlook

The agreement earlier this month between Senators Reid and McConnell reopened the government for a few months, but it failed to resolve any of the issues that precipitated the shutdown in the first place.B Thereb s still no consensus on spending levels or tax policy beyond the end of the year.B Key dates in the agreement are:

  • December 13th — Target for budget conferees to agree to a uniform budget
  • January 15th — Current government funding resolution (CR) expires
  • February 7th — Debt limit reached again

At this point, agreeing to a budget resolution would be a big deal.B Not only could

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The Supremes and S Corps

The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the individual mandate today. For health care agencies, providers, insurance companies, and states that means they have 18 months to rework their entire health care system, including creating the network of state-based exchanges where people will buy health insurance starting in 2014. It’s time for them to get busy.

For S corporation shareholders and other taxpayers, it means higher taxes starting in 2013. Specifically, the ruling preserves the new, 3.8 percent tax on investment income that will take effect next year. Coupled with the expiration of rates, the new top rates are:

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