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Camp Draft Released

Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) released his long-awaited tax plan yesterday.  The Chairman has worked hard to put out a plan that addresses the biggest challenges faced by the tax code, and he should be applauded for keeping this effort alive.

From day one, Camp has been our lead in promoting comprehensive reform that addresses both the individual and the corporate tax codes.  Such an approach was needed if pass-through businesses like S corporations and LLCs were going to be treated in an even handed manner. This priority of leveling the playing field was embraced by our Main

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S-CORP Responds to Washington Post Fact Checker

The art of fact checking had its highs and lows over the course of the last election, but the Washington Post‘s recent review our study by Ernst & Young has to be a new low.

The Post reviewed the study conducted by Ernst & Young looking at the long-term economic effects of higher marginal tax rates on wage and investment income. The study was entitled the “Long-run macroeconomic impact of increasing tax rates on high-income taxpayers in 2013″ and it found that allowing rates to rise to President Obama’s preferred levels would result in lower levels of employment, wages and investment.


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