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Small Business Week 2008

Washington loves small businesses, at least in its rhetoric.B April 20-26th was Small Business Week.B The annual event is devoted to recognizing the “determination and ingenuity of America’s workers and entrepreneurs who play a vital role in building a more prosperous future for our country.”

Since 1963, every President has declared National Small Business Week to formally recognize the important role of small businesses in America.

In a discussion with small business owners, President Bush argued that “every day ought to be Small Business Day in America” and that government’s role should be “to create an

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Debate Over Taxing Hedge Funds

Under the category of “We Told You So,” yesterday’s CongressDaily includes an analysis by Martin Vaughn that makes a point similar to the theme of our last Wire – that the debate over how to tax hedge funds is just the beginning of the debate over how to define and tax all sorts of income from ownership. Here’s how Martin sees it:

Forget Blackstone. Many smart people on both sides of the argument over whether to raise taxes on private equity and hedge fund managers’ profits see this as a proxy debate for whether the tax code should

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