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2008 Tax Forecast

While everyone else is predicting the presidential primaries, we thought we’d take a look at the forecast for tax policy in Congress this year.

The usual refrain for a presidential election year is that all the real policy issues are pushed aside in favor of posturing for the election and the following session of Congress.

While we expect to see lots of posturing, there are two reasons why some real tax work might get done this year, namely, the deteriorating economy and the expiration of the R&E tax credit and other tax extenders.

Nearly all of the Presidential candidates have put forward a

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AMT and Other Updates

Just after Thanksgiving, we put together a list of the must-pass items that Congress would turn to in December, including the AMT/Extender package, omnibus spending bill, farm bill, S-CHIP, energy bill, and Medicare Doctors payment legislation.

With just a few hours to go in this congressional session, it looks like many of these items will clear the Congress “in one form or another” and be sent to the President. In just the last day, the two bodies dealt with the omnibus spending bill (including $70 billion to fund the war in Iraq), a six-month extension of doctors’ payments under Medicare and

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Senate Passes AMT

The United States Senate last evening passed a one-year extension of the so-called AMT patch – a higher AMT exemption to protect 20 million or so taxpayers from being subjected to the AMT on April 15th. This bill did not include any offsets and it did not include any additional extenders, either.

Senate Republicans, as well as some Democrats – including Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus – have observed that, since much of the revenue collected by the AMT is accidental and was not intended by Congress, it is nonsensical to insist that protecting taxpayers from the tax should be offset

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The End is Near (of the First Session)

Congress returns Monday with lots to do and just three weeks to do it. Here’s the list of must-pass items we’ve identified:

  • AMT Patch
  • Tax Extenders (Including the S Corporation Charitable Provision)
  • S-CHIP Reauthorization
  • All the Spending Bills
  • Increase Doctor Payments under Medicare

That’s enough to fill two months of session, let alone 21 days, but there’s more. In addition to these items that most observers agree must get done, there is also a long list of priorities that the majority would like to address before they go home for the holidays, including an energy bill, an agriculture bill, and more.

How will it all work out?

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Taxpayer Expectations and the Rangel Surtax

We have had a chance to digest a bit more of the Rangel bill introduced last week.

There was a lot to digest. Repealing section 199, LIFO, and IC-DISC, while extending the depreciation period for intangibles will all adversely impact our members to one degree or another. The fact that these tax increases are being used to offset a rate cut for C corporations doesn’t help matters.

Focusing on the individual side, the bill would substitute a new four-percent surtax on individuals and businesses earning more than $150,000 in order to offset the cost of repealing the individual Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).


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