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The “Ideal” Way to Tax Businesses

The story on tax reform continues to progress. Last week, the Senate Finance Committee held another in its series of hearings on the various aspects of reform. This hearing, entitled “How do Complexity, Uncertainty, and Other Factors Impact Responses to Tax Incentives?” brought forth witnesses Dr. Robert Carroll, Dr. Eric Toder, and Dr. Raj Chetty.

The internet feed of the hearing was playing in the background on our computers last Wednesday when this exchange took place:

Senator Snowe: Dr. Carrol, could you give us some comments on [the corporate-only approach to tax reform because that is a problem, requiring flow-throughs to

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More on Pass-Throughs and Corporate Reform

Last week, the Ways and Means Select Revenue Subcommittee held a hearing that sought to counter the momentum building within the Administration and in the press to tax pass-through businesses to pay for corporate-only tax reform.

Robert Carroll of Ernst and Young was one of the witnesses. As you’ll recall, S-CORP has asked Carroll to author a study on the economic importance of pass-through businesses and what impact corporate-only reform might have on them. His testimony last week touched on those themes and provided us with a nice preview of the study to come - including the news that pass-through firms

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