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The Supremes and S Corps

The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the individual mandate today. For health care agencies, providers, insurance companies, and states that means they have 18 months to rework their entire health care system, including creating the network of state-based exchanges where people will buy health insurance starting in 2014. It’s time for them to get busy.

For S corporation shareholders and other taxpayers, it means higher taxes starting in 2013. Specifically, the ruling preserves the new, 3.8 percent tax on investment income that will take effect next year. Coupled with the expiration of rates, the new top rates are:

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Political Landscape of 2nd Session of the 109th Congress

The second session of the 109th Congress has begun! The Senate was in session for a portion of January to consider President Bush’s nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court with the final vote to confirm him occurring on January 31st. Both the House and the Senate returned in earnest to legislative business that day which was also the day of the President’s State of the Union address. This week the President unveils his FY 2007 budget proposal which is likely to include new initiatives for energy independence and healthcare affordability.
First and foremost on the minds of House Republicans

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