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Pass-Through Reform Issues

A couple of recent publications have highlighted the negative consequences of “corporate-only” tax reform, including a paper put out by Grant Thornton last month that focused on the challenges faced by businesses structured as S corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

The paper, entitled “Business Equivalency Rate: Fairness for Pass-through Businesses” gets right to the heart of the matter in the first couple paragraphs:

Grant Thornton supports tax reform aimed at lowering effective business rates in order to promote global competitiveness for U.S. businesses. Grant Thornton believes that competitive business tax rates are critical for spurring business investment and job creation. We

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Chairman Camp Makes the Case for S Corps and Other Pass-Through Businesses

Wednesday’s meeting between House Republicans and the President failed to move the needle on deficit reduction, but it did give the top tax writer in the House an opportunity to deliver a message on tax reform. As Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) stated after the meeting:

“Tax reform done the right way means more economic growth and more jobs. Any path forward for tax reform must be comprehensive to address both the individual and corporate rates. More than half of all business income is earned by pass through entities - most of which are small businesses. We cannot leave them out in

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