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Small Business Exporters to the Rescue

In a bit of good news, the new trade numbers came in and are in line to add 1.8 percent to the GDP in the second quarter. That, and stronger than expected retail sales numbers, should result in GDP growth of more than 2 percent in the second quarter, putting another dent in public perception that we are in the midst of a recession.

The explosion of exports over the past couple of years is an under-reported story. Exports are up nearly 18 percent in just the last twelve months and

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Stimulus Boost to Senate Bill

The initial GDP estimate for the first quarter of 2008 (based on data from October, November and December 2007) came in yesterday at a very low 0.6%.

That’s a big reduction from the 4.9% increase in the 3rd quarter, and makes clear that the subprime and credit market problems that emerged beginning in August are reverberating through the broader economy.

Congress is responding. The House passed stimulus legislation on Tuesday by an overwhelming margin that would provide tax rebate checks to families of $1,200 per couple and $300 per child, as well as allowing businesses to write-off investments faster and banks to

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