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The Skinny on the Jobs Bill

So we’re still trying to figure out what happened between Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon last week.

On Thursday morning, the Senate Finance Committee released an $84 billion “Jobs” bill draft with all the expected items included — jobs provisions, tax extenders, unemployment and COBRA extensions, etc.

That same afternoon, Senator Reid rejected that approach and offered a “skinny” $15 billion bill instead. He called up the House-passed Jobs bill, offered his skinny package as an amendment, filled the amendment tree, and filed cloture on the new package. The skinny bill includes the Schumer-Hatch payroll tax credit, Section 179 expensing relief, Build

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Small Business Exporters to the Rescue

In a bit of good news, the new trade numbers came in and are in line to add 1.8 percent to the GDP in the second quarter. That, and stronger than expected retail sales numbers, should result in GDP growth of more than 2 percent in the second quarter, putting another dent in public perception that we are in the midst of a recession.

The explosion of exports over the past couple of years is an under-reported story. Exports are up nearly 18 percent in just the last twelve months and

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