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Senate Jobs Bill First Out of the Chute

With health care reform in a state of political limbo, Senate leadership is busy assembling a job-creation package that is likely to be the chamber’s next significant legislative effort.

Just before Christmas recess, the House hastily assembled and adopted a $154 billion spending package. In response, the Senate Finance Committee is working on a package that focuses more on tax relief than the House counterpart. As reported by Dow Jones:

The package would be paid for largely by re-directing funds that were available for the government’s bank bailout program, according

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Stimulus Introduced in House

The House Leadership released an outline of its proposed stimulus package yesterday with few surprises. The total package is $825 billion with $550 billion in new spending and $275 billion in tax relief. On the spending side, the package includes $550 billion in spending, and $275 billion for tax cuts. Some of the tax highlights include:

  • Making Work Pay Credit – offsets payroll taxes on the first $8,100 of earnings
  • Expanded Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Bonus depreciation
  • A five year carry-back of net operating losses (excluding companies receiving TARP benefits, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac)
  • Extension of increased small business expensing
  • Tax-exempt bond provisions to help state

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President to Sign Fiscal Stimulus

The President is expected to sign the fiscal stimulus package on Wednesday. After two weeks of hand ringing and posturing, the Senate finally adopted a slightly modified version of the bill the House and the President originally had negotiated.

As sent to the President, the package would:

  • Send checks of $600 per filer and $300 per child to families with joint incomes of less than $150,000. Actual amounts will be calculated based on income tax filings for 2007, so expect the actual checks to be in the mail by late spring and early summer.
  • Encourage new business investment by increasing the limit on

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President’s Budget is Good for S Corporations, Too Bad Congress will Ignore It

The President’Fs fiscal year 2009 budget was released this morning together with the “Blue Book“ describing his proposed tax policies. Here are a couple thoughts as Congress begins the process of putting together its tax and spending bills for the coming year.

First, the whole process of the President’s budget has a strong element of unfairness to it. For the past three decades, every President has put together a comprehensive annual budget and sent it up to the

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Stimulus Boost to Senate Bill

The initial GDP estimate for the first quarter of 2008 (based on data from October, November and December 2007) came in yesterday at a very low 0.6%.

That’s a big reduction from the 4.9% increase in the 3rd quarter, and makes clear that the subprime and credit market problems that emerged beginning in August are reverberating through the broader economy.

Congress is responding. The House passed stimulus legislation on Tuesday by an overwhelming margin that would provide tax rebate checks to families of $1,200 per couple and $300 per child, as well as allowing businesses to write-off investments faster and banks to

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