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Latest on Payroll Tax Hike and Extenders

Earlier today, the Senate voted earlier on its version of the “extenders plus” bill passed by the House a few weeks back. The vote, on a motion to waive a Budget Act point of order, failed miserably (45-52), indicating the Senate Leadership has a long way to go before they gather the sixty votes necessary to move forward.

With this morning’s vote behind us, the process moving forward is becoming clearer–Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) is expected to introduce a new substitute today. According to BNA:

Baucus is expected to draw up a new substitute amendment that will be a slimmed-down

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Stimulating S Corporations

S Corporation Association Chairman Richard Roderick weighed in on behalf of S corporations yesterday regarding the second stimulus package being developed in the House. In a letter to Small Business Committee Chairwoman Nydia VelC!zquez, Roderick argued that any bill moving through Congress should include assistance to S Corporations.

In particular, the letter advocates for relief from the built in gains tax (BIG) that forces so many S corporations to sit on appreciated assets that could be put to better use. As the letter states:

“According to government statistics, hundreds of thousands of S corporations

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