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Inversions and Tax Reform

Yesterday’s letter from Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on inversions is just the latest headline on an issue that has dominated the tax discussion ever since Pfizer proposed to merge with AstraZeneca back in May.  As the chart below notes, the number of companies moving their headquarters overseas is accelerating and it’s sending a strong signal that something is very wrong with our tax code.

The motivation for inverting is simple – it allows companies to avoid paying US taxes on foreign earnings.  This is a uniquely American problem. 

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Proposed Tax Increase on S Corp Exporters!

Just before breaking for the November elections, the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees introduced their tax technical corrections bills (H.R. 6264 & S. 4026) to fix errors and ambiguities in the tax code. The bills are open to review and comment through October 31st, with the expectation that they will be adopted by Congress and sent to the President during the final weeks of this Congress.


One provision included in both bills would increase from 15 percent to 35 percent the tax rate on qualified export income for small business exporters!  This provision is not a technical

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