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Small Business Confidence Survey

You’ll remember back in June we profiled three small business surveys from NFIB, Wells Fargo/Gallup, and Thumbtack. Together, these surveys, with different sample populations and varying methods, provide the most complete picture of the small business landscape today. When we examined their findings during the summer, we saw words like “lukewarm”, “uninspiring”, and “more of the same” to describe the private business environment.

For the third quarter of 2015, it’s “more of the same” again.  With minor variations, all three surveys show that business owners are no more confident today than they were during the summer. In

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S-CORP on the Air

February 21, 2014

Earlier this week, S-Corp Executive Director Brian Reardon took to the airwaves to talk all things S-Corp with radio host Mark Kohler.

Kohler hosts a weekly program devoted to tax issues that are important to individuals and businesses. This Tuesday, Mark spent his entire show focusing on S corporations.  Brian carried the S-Corp flag and was the featured guest.

The interview is definitely worth a listen.  You can download it by clicking below:

S Corporation News Clips

Camp Draft Imminent

The long-awaited Camp tax reform plan is expected next week and the press is bulging

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Pass-Through Reform Issues

A couple of recent publications have highlighted the negative consequences of “corporate-only” tax reform, including a paper put out by Grant Thornton last month that focused on the challenges faced by businesses structured as S corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

The paper, entitled “Business Equivalency Rate: Fairness for Pass-through Businesses” gets right to the heart of the matter in the first couple paragraphs:

Grant Thornton supports tax reform aimed at lowering effective business rates in order to promote global competitiveness for U.S. businesses. Grant Thornton believes that competitive business tax rates are critical for spurring business investment and job creation. We

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Keeping Rates the Same

It’s Easter recess here in D.C. and we’ve had a chance to catch up on our reading. Topping the stack was Marty Sullivan’s Tax Notes piece from March 26th. It’s a rebuttal to our tax reform principles letter signed by 45 business groups here in town, so we thought a rebuttal to the rebuttal was in order.

As a reminder, our letter calls on Congress to reform the tax code by adhering to three broad principles: make reform comprehensive, keep the rates low and the same, and continue to reduce the incidence of double taxing corporate income. Marty appears to

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