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S-Corp Supports Plan B

Text of the letter we sent to Speaker Boehner earlier today:

Dear Speaker:

The S Corporation Association would like to thank you for all your work over the past two years to protect closely-held businesses and ensure that as Congress considers changes to the tax code, privately-owned businesses are not harmed or singled out.

With that in mind, the S Corporation Association supports H.J. Res. 66, the “Permanent Tax Relief for Families and Small Businesses Act of 2012.” While H.J. Res. 66 would allow tax rates to rise for S corporation owners with incomes above $1 million — something we oppose —

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More Details on the Rangel Tax Bill

At a members briefing this evening, Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel outlined his “Mother of All Tax Bills” to the Committee membership. In essence, he outlined three separate bills that he will introduce in one package:

– A bill to repeal the individual AMT and provide tax benefits for low income families; A bill to extend for one year a group of tax provisions scheduled to expire at the end of 2007, including the temporary AMT “patch”; and
– A bill to cut the corporate tax rate down to 30.5 percent.

As S-Corp readers know, the tax benefits from these three

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Tax Credit Repeal – Another Hit on S Corporations?

BNA this morning has additional information about the AMT repeal legislation planned to be introduced tomorrow by Chairman Charlie Rangel. Aside from the offsets we mentioned yesterday – rate increase, LIFO repeal, manufacturing deduction repeal – all of which would raise taxes on S corporations if enacted, another potential offset is the repeal of the R&D tax credit. As BNA reports:

“The enticement will be a lower corporate rate but the pay-fors would mean shutting down loopholes,” Neal said. This includes, Neal said, killing the popular research and development tax credit. A one-year extension

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AMT and Corporate Tax Rates Together? Watch Out

As we have previously reported, Chairman Charlie Rangel has a deep interest in passing a permanent “fix” to the Alternative Minimum Tax. Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Paulson has kicked-off efforts to cut the corporate tax rate in order to make our corporations more competitive on the world stage.

Now the word on the Hill is that these two unrelated agendas may collide in the next week or two at a Ways and Means Committee hearing, and possibly at the end of the year as a massive tax reform package.

As BNA reported last week (subscription required), Chairman

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Treasury Holds Conference on Business Tax Issues

Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson will hold a one day conference on July 26th to focus attention on the US tax treatment of business income and how it might be improved. The conference will include a larger meeting in the Treasury Cash Room open to the press followed by at least two “break out” sessions for conference participants.

Why focus on corporate tax policy now? The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Markets, and other

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