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S Corporation News Clips | December 15-23, 2014

A compilation of the tax-related stories that caught our eye:

Business Tax Reform

The White House is planning on meeting with Republican lawmakers in the days leading up to the State of the Union to push their tax reform plan, pledging to “make sure that we put forward some pretty specific proposals…” Tax reform came up during the President’s year-end press conference as well, part of his ongoing message that he “wants a serious attempt at tax reform next year.”

Combine those comments with noise from the Hill and downtown and there seems to be a critical mass of interest

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S-CORP Clips | October 1-10

A compilation of the business tax related stories that caught our eye


Administration on Tax Reform

The President’s economic advisors have been unusually busy in recent weeks.  National Economic Council Director Jeffrey Zients was firm in his conviction that tax reform could get done in the new Congress, citing the “remarkably overlapping” approaches of Obama’s plan and the Camp draft.

It is true there are some common themes in the Camp and Administration proposals, but also there are major – and fatal – differences as well, including:

  • The Camp Draft is budget neutral while the Administration’s plan would raise revenue;
  • The Camp

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