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Congressional Overview

We are nearing the finish line for the 110th Congress with more on the table than when we started nearly two years ago.

None of the 12 bills to fund the government have been adopted. Tax provisions that expired at the end of 2007 remain to be extended. And the collapse of the subprime mortgage market that began a year ago with the failure of several hedge funds has grown into a full fledged credit crisis that, according to the Administration, threatens to harm the entire economy.

It appears Congress will stay in through next week and will have to address the

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2008 Tax Forecast

While everyone else is predicting the presidential primaries, we thought we’d take a look at the forecast for tax policy in Congress this year.

The usual refrain for a presidential election year is that all the real policy issues are pushed aside in favor of posturing for the election and the following session of Congress.

While we expect to see lots of posturing, there are two reasons why some real tax work might get done this year, namely, the deteriorating economy and the expiration of the R&E tax credit and other tax extenders.

Nearly all of the Presidential candidates have put forward a

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