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Taxing Business Investment

Our position on tax reform is simple and outlined in the letter 45 business groups sent to Congress last fall:

  • Pursue comprehensive reform that includes both the corporate and individual tax codes;
  • Keep the top rates on corporate and individual income low and at the same level; and
  • Continue to reduce the incidence of the double tax on business income.

This last principle is premised on the idea that the pass-through structure is the correct way to tax business income, as Eric Toder told the Senate Finance Committee last year:

Senator Snowe: I appreciate that. Does either one of you want to comment, Dr.

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President Bush Plugs S Corps in Chicago

Say what you want about this President, he understands the important role S corporations play in the economy and the critical link between low tax rates, business investment, and job creation. This excerpt is from the President’s speech in Chicago on Monday, but it could have come from any of his economic speeches over the past seven years.

“I don’t think there are many folks who believe that Washington really needs more of your money — I certainly don’t. Unfortunately, Americans could be facing higher taxes unless Congress takes action to stop it. You see,

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