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Broad Business Coalition Supports BIG Relief

There are increased reports in the media about a potential stimulus package to be considered when Congress returns in September (here and here). If Congress does consider another stimulus package and wants to target help at the small business community, it should act to increase the ability of S corporations to access the capital they already own.

A broad and powerful coalition of 14 trade associations is asking Congress to do just that. A letter sent

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Stimulus Getting More Ink

Several papers are reporting what we have been hearing for the past week – a possible second economic stimulus package is in the early stages of discussion. As the Wall Street Journal reported:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) said he had spoken to the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives about a second economic-stimulus package, in another attempt to bring the country out of what increasingly seems to be a severe economic downturn.

If Congress takes up another stimulus package, it will likely be in September, not July, and it should include

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Stimulating S Corporations

S Corporation Association Chairman Richard Roderick weighed in on behalf of S corporations yesterday regarding the second stimulus package being developed in the House. In a letter to Small Business Committee Chairwoman Nydia VelC!zquez, Roderick argued that any bill moving through Congress should include assistance to S Corporations.

In particular, the letter advocates for relief from the built in gains tax (BIG) that forces so many S corporations to sit on appreciated assets that could be put to better use. As the letter states:

“According to government statistics, hundreds of thousands of S corporations

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Stimulus Deal Announced

As the news reported over the last couple of days, Administration and House leaders have agreed to a package of temporary tax relief to provide the economy with fiscal stimulus. As reported, the package would reduce revenues by about $150 billion over ten years. The major provisions are:

  • Rebate checks (tied to a temporary cut in the 10% tax bracket) to families – $600 for singles making less than $75,000 and $1,200 for couples earning less than $150,000.
  • Fifty percent bonus depreciation for business investment through the end of 2008.
  • An increase in small business expensing (section 179) from $125,000 to $250,000.
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Finance Holds Small Business Tax Relief Hearing — S CORP Submits Testimony

Today, the Chairman of the S Corporation Association Advisory Committee, James Redpath, submitted testimony on S Corp reform to the Senate Committee on Finance. The Senate Finance Committee held the hearing on small business tax relief as part of its preparation for Senate consideration of the minimum wage increase. As Jim pointed out in his testimony:

I am concerned that many of the companies that will bear the impact of this increase in labor costs are closely-held or family-owned businesses structured as Subchapter S corporations. My goal is to provide you with

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