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The Ryan Budget & Taxes

The budget introduced in the House today calls for a couple broad items on the tax front. First, it calls for extending all the tax provisions set to expire January 1st. That’s the rate cliff we’ve been warning S corporations about for the past couple months. Marty Feldstein made the case clearly this week in the Financial Times as to why Congress needs to act:

But the most important cloud on the horizon is the large tax increase that will occur next year unless legislation is passed to block it. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that, under current law, the

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Treasury Targets S Corporations, Flow-Throughs

A Bloomberg article from Friday morning has been flying around tax policy circles here in D.C. and elsewhere. From the article:

The Obama administration is seeking to widen the scope of its proposal to overhaul the corporate tax code, urging Congress to also change rules that allow some businesses to take advantage of tax laws governing individuals.

The article cites testimony by Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner earlier this year in which he advocated “revisiting” long-standing rules allowing businesses to choose to be taxed as S corporations or partnerships. According to Geithner:

“Congress has to revisit this basic question about whether it

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