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Tax Reform Rehash

The release of Finance Committee tax reform discussion drafts on cost recovery and international tax have laid bare a reality that’s been hiding just below the surface for two years now the visions for reform embraced by the key House and Senate tax writing committees are dramatically different and move in opposite directions.

The international drafts are a good example. The Ways and Means draft would move the tax treatment of overseas income towards a territorial system, while the Baucus draft would move towards a more pure worldwide system by largely eliminating deferral. Here’s how the Tax Foundation described it:


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Budget & Tax Policy Outlook

The agreement earlier this month between Senators Reid and McConnell reopened the government for a few months, but it failed to resolve any of the issues that precipitated the shutdown in the first place.B Thereb s still no consensus on spending levels or tax policy beyond the end of the year.B Key dates in the agreement are:

  • December 13th — Target for budget conferees to agree to a uniform budget
  • January 15th — Current government funding resolution (CR) expires
  • February 7th — Debt limit reached again

At this point, agreeing to a budget resolution would be a big deal.B Not only could

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The Importance of Pass Throughs

Put on your “must read” list a new paper from our friends at the Tax Foundation highlighting the importance of pass-through businesses to jobs and employment. It’s the best written and most comprehensive summary of the issue we’ve seen to date. Here’s how it starts:

Support for lowering the corporate tax rate – now the highest in the OECD – has been expressed by both Democrats and Republicans in order to improve the competitiveness of American businesses. However, they differ in their plans for the individual tax code. While Republicans have proposed lowering the top individual rate from 39.6 percent to

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Corporate-Only Tax Reform Still a Bad Idea

Today, President Obama is announcing a repackaging of the corporate tax reform proposal he put forward back in 2012. Based on the White House fact sheet, the plan is a restatement of his 2012 plan coupled with a call to raise “one-time” revenues to pay for new spending.

To recap the 2012 plan, the President proposed to:

  • Cut the C corporation top tax rate to 28 percent;
  • Reduce the top rate on C corporation manufacturers to 25 percent;
  • Eliminate tax deductions, preferences and credits used by C corporations and pass-through businesses alike to offset the lower C corporation rates; and
  • Increase expensing limits

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S-CORP’s Comments to the Senate Finance Committee

Today is the deadline for the so-called “clean slate” process in the Senate, and while S corporations and other pass-through business entities are (properly so) not tax expenditures, we thought it was important that the priorities of this community be made clear to tax writers as they begin drafting their reform plans over August.

With that in mind, today more than 70 (!) national business trade associations, including the American Farm Bureau, the National Federation of Independent Business, the National Restaurant Association, and the S Corporation Association, signed a letter reiterating the three tax reform priorities of the pass-through community:


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