Talking Taxes in a Truck Episode 37: Carol Roth Explains Why It’s Time to Repeal the CTA

Our latest podcast guest is Carol Roth, a New York Times bestselling author, small business advocate and most recently, a staunch ally in the fight to repeal the burdensome and ill-conceived Corporate Transparency Act.

Carol starts by talking about how her time in the investment banking world exposed her to the uneven playing field between small businesses and larger corporations, and how that experience led her to become a Main Street advocate. Later she dives deep into the CTA and its onerous reporting requirements, her recent testimony on Capitol Hill that focused on the new statute, and the many compliance horror

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House Small Business on CTA

With the Corporate Transparency Act in effect for several months now, the House Small Business Committee convened to discuss how the rollout of the new law is going. The short answer – not so good.

The hearing featured testimony from three small business stakeholders who covered everything from compliance costs to legal and cybersecurity risks posed by the reporting requirements.

The first witness was Carol Roth, whose advocacy on behalf of the Main Street business community we’ve covered previously. Asked by Congressman Dan Meuser whether Treasury had reached out to affected

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Main Street Backs CTA Repeal

Today over 100 trade associations, representing millions of small businesses nationwide, strongly supported legislation introduced by Representative Warren Davidson (R-OH) to repeal the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA).

Appropriately named the “Repealing Big Brother Overreach Act”, the legislation would put an end to the onerous and poorly-conceived reporting regime that targets virtually every small business operating in America. That effort will also be joined by Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), who plans to introduce a companion bill in the Senate early next week.

By way of background, the CTA took effect this year and requires small businesses and other covered entities to report

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Support CTA Relief

The House Small Business Committee is holding a hearing on the Corporate Transparency Act later this month. One witness will be Carol Roth, a bestselling author and small business advocate who has helped lead the charge against the poorly crafted law.

We’ve covered the CTA at length over the past few years but the bottom line is that while reporting under the CTA started already and the deadline is the year’s end, only a tiny percentage of the targeted 33.6 million small businesses even know it exists. That’s bad because a failure to file is accompanied by thousands

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Time to Pause the CTA

The Main Street business community came out in force today calling on Congress to enact the Protect Small Business and Prevent Illicit Financial Activity Act (S. 3625). The legislation, championed by Senator Tim Scott (R-NC), would delay by one year the onerous Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) filing requirements and accompanying jail time and penalties. A similar bill sponsored by Representatives Zach Nunn (R-IA) and Joyce Beatty (D-OH) passed the House late last year 420-1.

The letter, signed by more than 120 trade associations, points out that such a delay would allow the ongoing legal battle to play out, be

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