Dear S-Corp Owner:

Did you know that most policymakers in Washington think S corporations are hedge funds and law firms only? Or that many think S corporations are nothing but tax avoidance tools for the wealthy?

The amount of misinformation concerning S corporations is simply breathtaking.

As the sole advocacy group in Washington, DC dedicated to defending your S corporation, our goal is to educate policymakers about your real S corporation, how much you pay in taxes, and what issues you care about.

For 2018, that means educating policymakers on the new tax overhaul and how it impacts your business.  Are your taxes going up or down this year?  Are you thinking about switching to C corporation?   Do you get the full 20 percent pass-through deduction? These are critical issues that policymakers need to understand.

To help, we are asking our S corporation members and guests to fill out the new S-Corp questionnaire.   It is totally anonymous and no identifying information is collected.

We will use the resulting answers to educate policymakers on how the S corporation community is affected by the new law and which areas are of most concern.  The more results we have, the better information we can impart.

Thanks in advance for taking the time and pitching in. We hope you learn something along the way.


– Please click here to complete the questionnaire –