Dear S-Corp Owner:

Did you know that most policymakers in Washington think S corporations are all hedge funds and law firms? Or that many see the S corporation structure as a tax avoidance tool for the wealthy?

The amount of misinformation surrounding S corporations is simply breathtaking.

As the sole advocacy group in Washington, DC dedicated to defending your S corporation, a key goal of our efforts is to educate policymakers on who S corporations really are, how much you really pay in taxes, and what you really care about.

It’s a never ending challenge. Once you educate one member, they leave and are replaced with a new member who needs educating as well.

You can help us by taking this short survey. We’ll post the results on our website and make them part of our message with members of Congress and our trade group allies.

Thanks in advance for taking the time and pitching in. We hope you learn something along the way.


– Please click here to complete the questionnaire –


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